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Mommy & Me
Creative Movement


Mommy and Me is a great intro to dance focusing on Parent/Guardian and child participation for children ages 18 months to 3 years. Along with the instructor, adult and child will follow along with the instruction of the class, with the adult modeling participation.  Students enjoy princess dances, freeze dances, and beginning Ballet moves, all while listening to music, using fun props, and learning about rhythm and coordination. 

Creative Movement is a dance class designed for the brain and muscle development of 3-4 year olds and explores dance through imagery and props. The class is 45 minutes in length and incorporates the basics of ballet and rhythm.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and Core is committed to providing true classical ballet training to all students. From beginner to advanced, students are formally trained with proper technique. Ballet improves dancer’s strength, balance, control and flexibility while simultaneously increasing students focus, discipline, and grace.



This genre incorporates ballet and contemporary techniques to tell a story through movement, improvisation, and emotion.



Jazz classes explore traditional and contemporary styles in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Students will learn fundamental Jazz steps, body placement and coordination while learning combinations in these classes.


Hip Hop

With the latest pop & hip hop music, this class improves groove, rhythm, and musicality as well as encourages self-confidence, personal style, and improvisation. These classes provide a fun work out for all ages! Please be assured that all music and dance moves are age appropriate.

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This class concentrates on perfecting various leaps and turns through center exercises, across the floor, and flexibility work.



Tap encourages expression through sound and each class concentrates on teaching proper technique, musicality, and performance quality. Tap dance increases students' musical awareness, as well as rhythm. Tap is offered as part of our combination classes and individually for more advanced students.

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